Fox Aquos Camolite Bait Belt

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  • The perfect mobile, baiting, stalking, floater fishing pouch
  • Designed to be worn around the waist to give quick and easy access to bait and/or tackle
  • Fully welded bag ensures liquids can’t enter/exit
  • Ideal for use with all baits including glugged boilies and wet spod mixes
  • Makes baiting up with a catapult/throwing stick easy with no need to bend down
  • Features welded external loops for holding a catapult
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Styled in the unique Fox camo
  • Translucent Gunsmoke lid allowing the contents to be visible
  • High quality 10mm zips on lid
  • Lid folds out of the way whilst in use
  • Available in 4ltr and 8ltr sizes