Nash Flota Claw Hook

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The Nash Flota Claw Hook is designed especially for surface fishing, whether you’re free lining, using a Bolt Machine or zigs, the Flota Claw is an excellent hook choice. This can be attributed to how light yet how strong the hook is, thanks in part to its three bend design and reduced wire gauge.

On entering the mouth of a carp, the wide gape hook will go around the first bend, second bend and sometimes even the third bend, with this in mind its not difficult to see why this hook is used so widely within surface fishing.

Not only does the shape of the hook aid the hooking of fish but also prevents bait slippage, crucial when surface fishing or using a slow sinking hookbait.

The Flota Claw is available in both barbless and micro barbed hook patterns in sizes 6 to 12.

  • Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
  • Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
  • Same unique design as the heavyweight Claw pattern
  • Reduced wire gauge perfect for floaters, zig fishing and natural baits
  • Wide gape for improved efficiency when direct hooking
  • Apex angled bend prevents bait slippage and masked hook points
  • Lightweight for improved presentation with floating and slow sinking hookbaits