Korda Cog System Cog Distance

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Our COG leads are designed to be fished in a specific way to ensure that when a fish moves the lead it feels as much of it as soon as possible, hence them being called ‘Centre Of Gravity’ leads. To ensure that they work effectively you will need to fish them with a Centre Of Gravity System booms. The COG leads are designed to be used in conjunction with a Lead Clip, and the boom, which is constructed from spliced leadcore, with a swivel at one end which attaches to your main line and fits into the nose of the Lead Clip. At the other end of the boom there is a special swivel with the bottom eye removed, so that the barrel fits perfectly into the grommet in the centre of the COG lead, and a Kwik Link attached to the eye for easy attachment of your hook link. Once a fish is looked, the Lead Clip works in the usual way, and this is a completely safe set-up. There are a number of different lengths of the Centre Of Gravity systems to precisely fit the size and shape of COG lead that you are using, and for a neat, effective, tangle-free set-up you will need to use the appropriate one, as marked on the packaging. Each system contains 3 x booms; 3 x Lead Clips; 3 x Tail Rubbers; and 3 x Kwik Links.