Fox Exocet Mono Trans Khaki

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The Fox Exocet Mono line comes as a low visibility Khaki blend that virtually disappears on the lakebed and in midwater, meaning fish are less suspicious and hooking is more likely.

The low diameter and suppleness of the monofilament line make it perfect for long-range casting. In addition to these features. the line is very abrasion resistant, despite its low diameter which certainly helps in those battles with stronger, harder fighting fish.

Another surprising characteristic of the Fox mono is that it sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line and holds great knot strength along with low memory so that the line will bounce back to straight.

The Fox Exocet Mono is supplied on 1000m bulk spools in a variety of diameters and breaking strengths.

  • Low visibility Trans Khaki blend
  • Virtually disappears on lakebed and in midwater
  • Low diameter and supple making it perfect for long range casting
  • Great abrasion resistance considering low diameter
  • Sinks surprisingly well for such a supple line
  • Great knot strength and low memory
  • Supplied on 1000m bulk spools