ESP Cryogen Surface Hooks

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These dedicated hooks for surface and zig fishing feature a short shank and wide gape with heavy forging to create a very strong pattern. Designed to complement the ESP Surface Mixers along with a variety of other hookbaits.

Manufactured using a twin tempering process for improved strength and point durability.  The ultra-sharp, long fine points result in excellent hook holds. The straight eye suits a variety of knots – knotless, grinner and palomar especially.

  • Complement the ESP Surface Mixers and a variety of other hookbaits
  • Short shank, wide gape.
  • Heavily forged for extra strength
  • Ultra-sharp, long fine points result in excellent hook holds
  • Also makes an excellent zig hook
  • Available in sizes 8 & 10 micro barbed and barbless
  • Packs of 10