Korda DryKore Bedchair Cover

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The DRYKORE material provides a high level of water resistance and breathability, making this the perfect material for a bedchair cover that has to endure a lot.

By ensuring that moisture is dissipated, the hydrophilic membrane helps to maintain body temperature. This ensures that you lie dry and comfortable on the stretcher.

The cover also features a unique removable fleece liner, making this cover very versatile. Leave it on the cover in the colder months and remove the liner in the warmer summer months, creating a super lightweight summer cover.


The lightweight cover is made of 15k breathable material, which ensures that you stay dry and comfortable.


The 15k hydrophilic membrane is taped and sealed on the seams, this protects completely against rain and snow.

Durable water repellent:

A premium waterproof treatment ensures that 80% efficiency is achieved even after 20 washes.


The material is and remains windproof, even with the strongest gusts of wind.