Korda DryKore Jacket

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Our ethos at Korda has always been based around not releasing a product until we are entirely happy with it, and that is certainly the case with the new DRYKORE Jacket, which has undergone extensive testing to get it just right.

This type of fishing jacket not only needs to keep you completely dry, but it also needs to be practical and not hinder your activity – whether that be casting, playing fish, or even climbing up a tree – whilst also not causing you to sweat.

It features a breathable, lightweight outer shell constructed from industry leading 15K fabric, and when wearing it you will hardly notice that you even have it on, it is so light!

The addition of a 15K hydrophilic membrane, which is taped and sealed at the seams, ensures that it is completely waterproof, even if you happen to get caught out in torrential rain or a snowstorm. The waterproofing treatment used has been designed to be incredibly robust, and even after 50 washes it still retains 80 per cent efficiency.

Whilst designed to be worn over the top of other clothing during the colder months, it also plays a big part in keeping you warm as it is impenetrable to wind, and even the strongest gale can’t get through it.

As well as being water and wind proof, the high tech woven material that we have used provides a stretch-fit, meaning that whilst the jacket has been designed to stop rain or wind finding a way in, it also allows you complete freedom of movement and won’t hinder your fishing.

The neck comes up high enough that it will keep out any draughts, with a soft-touch flap to prevent the zipper from rubbing on your face or chin. The integral hood is adjustable via a toggle at the back, to enable it to fit perfectly over caps, and also to provide a tight enough fit that it won’t keep blowing off your head if it is windy. In addition to that, it features a rigid peak which not only helps it to keep its shapes, but also encourages water to run off down the sides, rather than dripping down onto your face.

It is shaped around the waist so that it is longer at the back, meaning that it will still keep you dry when you sit down and stops it riding up. The cuffs are also designed to prevent water from entering, such as when you raise your arms to cast – there is nothing worse than water running down your sleeves! – and this achieved by having Velcro fastenings which ensure a tight fit around your wrists, but which can easily be adjusted for comfort, depending on what you are doing at the time.

The zips are high quality throughout and have been designed to prevent water from getting through either the main zip, or from entering the two large external pockets, which can be used either for storage or to protect your hands from the elements. There are also two internal pockets for valuables – one of which is smaller and perfect for car keys, and the other will easily fit your mobile phone.