Gardner GT-HD Double Tapered Mainline 300m

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All of the great features of standard GT-HD are included. Our high grade copolymer formula – created with cutting edge manufacturing processes – that results in a line of superb quality and reliability.

Tapered main lines offer an ingenious and knot free alternative to using shock leaders. Being dual tapered the line can be reversed when needed for another 8 metres of taper.

  • Dual Tapered
  • 300M spool
  • 0.50 leader tapering down over 8m to 0.30 (12lb) 0.33 (15lb)
  • Reduced stretch offers excellent feedback from the rod tip when feeling the lead down and gives improved/enhanced bite indication at long range.
  • Smooth finish and supple feel offers superior casting performance.
  • GT-HD is formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed.
  • Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage whether you are fishing slack or tight lines.
  • For optimum performance we recommend a Palomar knot with GT-HD (though Grinner and Fig.8 loops will still exceed stated breaking strain).