Daiwa D-VEC Seatbox

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Daiwa D-VEC Fishing Seat Box, Daiwa's D-VEC small form lightweight seatbox. A design that offers a lot of features seen on their higher end seatboxes, but coming in at a mere 6Kg. With a shallow main base and a secure aluminium frame supported by 50cm 36mm round legs. These legs will take any of the accessories available in Daiwa's System 36 range of attachments. A nice comfy padded seat, with a fold down back rest and a removable shoulder strap. An ideal seatbox if your having to walk long distances, and great for youngsters.
  • Mobile, easy to carry seat box
  • Ultra-secure, adjustable legs
  • Tilting mud feet
  • Padded seat
  • Fold down back rest
  • Front and rear opening
  • Padded shoulder strap (removable)
  • Total weight 6kg
  • Shallow base 40 x 28 x 10cm
  • 36mm/50cm legs