Thinking Anglers Micro Barbed Curve Point Hook

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The Curve Point hook has an in-turned point and in-turned eye which is incredibly strong, enabling it to take weight without bending unlike some other hooks on the market. Thinking Anglers have also finished the hooks in PTFE coating, not only adding strength to the metal but making the hook super slippery, perfect for slipping through a carp's mouth with ease.

Forged from a super-strong, heavy gauge wire, the Curve Point is the classic pattern for boilie and particle fishing hard on the deck. The durable point is more suited to fishing over rock hard gravel areas where sharpness could be compromised when a big carp disrupts the area where the rig is laying.

This hook set does feature micro-barbed ends on the hooks. This minimises the damage that some barbed hook create in the lip of the fish. The micro-barbed offers less tear in the mouth whilst still securing the fish on your rod without a sudden escape from the hook.

The shape of the curve point ensures that the hook twists aggressively the instant that the hook bait is taken. The shape and alignment of the point with the eye also means that these hooks excel as a micro-barbed pattern, as the hook holds stay firmly in position. The Curve Point micro-barbed hooks are available in packs of 10 and in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.