ESP Cryogen Barbless Slammer Hooks

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A classic medium length shank, in-turned eye pattern which is incredibly strong with a long, straight needle sharp point. A versatile pattern with a wide gape which is excellent for bottom bait rigs and also as an alternative Ronnie hook when a lower lying presentation is preferred.

The point length has been increased to mirror the hugely successful Trig and Chod Hammers resulting in incredibly sharp hooks. Sizes 4 and 5 have a stepped up wire gauge for improved strength however the point length to wire diameter ratio ensures the points are still long, fine and needle sharp.

A twin process of heat and cryogenic tempering ensures formidable point durability with just the right degree of shock absorbing ‘spring’ – neither too soft nor too brittle. Together with all Cryogen hooks, these feature a slick PTFE Tuflon coating and micro barb which ensures excellent penetration and secure hook holds.

Enlarged eye diameters allow for thicker monofilaments to be used with the knotless knot.