ESP Cryogen Barbless Chod Hammer Hooks

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The Chod-Hammers incorporate some of the best key features of their bigger brother, the highly effective Trig-Hammer; crucially we have mirrored the point profile of the Trig’s across all the sizes, so the long fine needle points are incredibly sharp. The twin tempering process also means that although the points are very fine, they are also tough and durable. We have also mirrored the bend of the Trig to create a very strong shape. The heavy forging and correct tempering gives the Chod-Hammers the correct degree of spring making them highly unlikely to open or snap.

The medium length shank terminates in a subtly out-turned eye, perfect for tying the knotless knot with stiff hook link materials such as bristle filament. On this range we have increased the eye diameter slightly so that the larger sizes can accommodate 25lb bristle filament three times through the eye.

Wire gauges on the Chod-Hammers have been kept the same as their forerunner the Cryogen Stiff Rigger. And with the sizes being very similar it means you can use the same pop-ups in relation to the hook size. These new hooks have past the testing process with flying colours, consistently achieving excellent hook holds and none of the guys that have tested them have felt the need to sharpen the points as they are needle sharp straight from the packet.

Available in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 in barbed and barbless.