Gardner Covert Tungsten Chod Beads Low Bore Silt

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These fast sinking Gardner Tackle - Covert Tungsten Chod Beads - Large - are designed for use as a weighted helicopter / chod rig stop bead, setting the movement of the hooklink on the mainline or leader. Stealthy tungsten chod beads come on wire twigs. These beads have a soft rubbery texture and provide just the right amount of grip to hold in position on the line or leader, so there's no need to use a 0.5mm section of silicone to act as a 'stopper'. The Chod Bead can be easily moved to the desired position. The High Bore version can also be screwed onto the Chod hook section itself and then pushed over the swivel (or Kwik Lok). These Tungsten chod beads are made with the densest tungsten polymer compound available. These Low Bore - these have a 0.20mm internal bore designed for use on monofilament. Each Chod Bead is 7mm x 4mm. 12 beads per package (mounted on wire twigs).