RidgeMonkey Compact Bucket System 7.5L

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The RidgeMonkey Compact Bucket System (with a capacity of 7.5L) is built for efficiency and convenience for fishing bait storage as it comes equipped with a removable shallow internal tray. This tray is further split into three individual sections to keep baits and fishing tools in order.

This bucket is also featuring its own lid which allows the tray to be used as a completely standalone storage and organisation solution. Don't worry if you need another work surface, their lidded bucket systems will serve an angler well at the bankside!

  • Robust 100% polypropylene construction
  • Complete with removable three section inner tray
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Protected registered design
  • Approximate Dimensions
  • Standard: 200 (h) x 235 (w) x 215 (d) mm
  • Approx. total capacity 7.5 litres