Korda Compac Rod Sleeve

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The Compac Rod Sleeves are designed to store and protect a single rod and reel, and can be used in conjunction with the Compac Rod Holdalls to hold extra rods externally. These Rod Sleeves come in a choice of different lengths – 10ft, 12ft or 13ft – and are perfect for ensuring that your rods don’t get damaged in transit, and are great for protecting your marker, spod or floater rods when used on the outside of the Rod Holdalls, or they can be used on their own and come complete with a reinforced carrying handle. The Rod Sleeves are fully padded and made from a durable, water resistant fabric, plus they have a reinforced base and heavy duty zips along with a lead pocket. They are large enough that they will take any big pit reel and also cater for 50mm butt rings.

Key features:
• Designed to hold big pit reels and 50mm butt rings
• Durable and water-resistant fabric
• Fully padded
• Discreet lead pocket
• Reinforced waterproof base
• Reinforced carry handle
• Heavy-duty zips