Korda Compac 200

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The big beast of the Korda Compac Zip Up Case range, the XL 200 can hold everything from spods and marker floats to bottles of goo making it a vital part of your kit if you fish over days, rather than hours. 

Designed to fit the Korda tackle safe, the Compac range of zip up cases are durable yet lightweight, fully waterproof, with welded seams that feature a two-way zip, allowing you to quickly and easily check your tackle on the move – because there’s nothing worse than having a particular plan for landing a particular fish, only to find you don’t have the kit you need. There's also an internal, zipped mesh pocket on the inside of the lid, for those items you might want to keep separate.

With the Korda Compac XL 200, you don’t need to worry about lack of kit letting you down – everything you could ever need out on the water can be neatly and safely packed up, and stowed in a pocket, pouch, or pack with no hassle, and no risk of items getting lost, snagged, or tangled.

If you’re starting to think about Christmas, and wondering what to get the competitive specialist angler in your life, look no further. Why buy something frivolous when you can buy practical, affordable quality from one of fishing’s leading brands?  Big enough to make a difference, but small enough to be easily wrapped, any item from the Korda Compac Zip Up Case range – or even all four sizes, Small 100, Medium 125, Large 140, and this one, the XL 200 – would make a great gift and is guaranteed to be well-received.

Korda are a leading brand in the fishing world, and are committed to providing practical quality at affordable prices.  Fishing will probably never be effortless, and most of us wouldn’t want it to be, but with the Korda Compac Zip Up Case XL 200, at least you’re spared the hassle of keeping your tackle organised