CC Moore Pro Stim Liver Air Ball Pop Ups 15mm

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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Air Ball Pop Ups 15mm, a truly innovative and nutrient-rich bait with an intense smoked garlic sausage profile. Developed over the course of 4 years with rigorous field testing by CC Moore consultants across the UK and Europe.


  • Extremely low in oil, potently attractive and outstanding in warm or cold water
  • Intense smoked garlic sausage profile with smooth spiced liver bite
  • Contains essential amino acids derived from carefully selected proteins
  • Contains high quality liver and yeast, marine, poultry plus vegetable proteins
  • Easily digested carbohydrates promote greater intake potential
  • Seed, spice and kelp content provides valuable vitamins and minerals
  • Bird food content ensures an open texture and excellent leakage