CC Moore Carp Freaks Hookbait Booster

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Carp Freaks are CC Moore’s new range of highly attractive pop ups which deliver outstanding fish catching potential to the angler through their superb visual, taste and aroma profiles, and are the brainchild of top UK carp angler Mark Pitchers.

Developed and perfected by Mark over many years, Carp Freaks are based on a recipe Mark created back in the 90s and has refined over the years to give an ‘old skool’ blend a real modern twist. The result is a unique, fruity-cream profile you just know is going to catch.

This appetite-stimulating liquid is a highly concentrated additive designed for boosting the already intense attraction properties of Carp Freaks Pop Ups.

Carp Freaks CF1 Hookbait Booster Properties:

  • Designed for boosting Mark Pitchers’ Carp Freaks Pop Ups
  • Extremely concentrated, thin, straw coloured bait-boosting liquid  
  • Highly concentrated, sweet, creamy, ripe-fruit flavour profile 
  • PVA friendly liquid, quickly soaks in and disperses over a long period
  • Potently attractive in all conditions, also repels strong smelling silt
  • Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year