CC Moore Bloodworm Pellets

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Bloodworm is the bright red aquatic larva of a small midge found around rivers and lake, the blood of which contains haemoglobin allowing it to live in poorly oxygenated water where silt has built up. 

Proving an irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish, Bloodworm represents the perfect bait option for tempting large pressured carp and other species. 

Bloodworm Pellets Properties:

  • High content of soluble attractors; ideal for year-round use 
  • Mid to dark red sinking pellets 
  • Medium oil content, high digestible protein content 
  • Deep, savoury taste & rich, natural bloodworm aroma
  • Rich in amino acids derived from marine proteins
  • Packed with our unique, potent bloodworm products
  • 2mm: Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks
  • 6mm: Ideal size for catapulting or use in spod mixes
  • Fully retain shape when breaking down in water
  • Excellent for scalding with hot water to make paste

Breakdown Time (in cold water):

2mm- 3 hours

6mm- 6/7 hours