CC Moore Amino Blend 365

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Amino Blend 365 is a unique combination of powerful liquid appetite stimulants which enhances the attraction properties of any bait item – in all water temperatures.

Being a highly water-soluble liquid food, Amino Blend 365 supplies an abundance of essential amino acids which have been combined with proven fish-catching extracts to produce a liquid bait additive with an outstanding all–round nutrient profile.

Amino Blend 365 Properties:

  • Supplies essential amino acids in a highly soluble liquid food
  • Rich in natural sugars; extremely effective in all temperatures
  • Compliments and improves baits of all types and profiles
  • Contains high quality active yeasts & vegetable extracts
  • A sweet, creamy taste and aroma that triggers confident feeding
  • Quickly soaks into baits and loose feeds, loading them with attraction
  • PVA friendly so ideal for use in PVA bag and stick mixes
  • A superb bait soak for our Live System Boilies
  • pH 4.5 - acidic