Shimano Ultegra Ci4+ XTC

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Perfect for carp angler that loves to use the big pit fishing style, this Shimano Ultegra CI4+ XTC Reel boasts 5 S A-RB + 1 RB bearings and offers a casting perfection to help you up to your angling game. The reel is incredibly versatile and is designed to perform on all venues, bringing you the biggest and best carp with every cast. The Hagane gearing brings you all the Shimano performance you’d expect, in a reel that’s designed to handle the rigours of big pit carp angling.

There are two sizes available of the reel, the smaller being 5500 and larger of 14000. Both sizes feature two-speed Aero wrap II and super slow oscillation for smooth retrieve when reeling that specimen into your landing net.

The two-speed slow oscillation gives perfect line lay that is unobtrusive and quiet so it won’t spook passing fish. This gives you the advantage of stealth angling to lure the fish closer. This oscillation is accompanied by some amazing Shimano technology such as the X-Protect that helps keep the reel running smoothly with its protective coating against the dirt and water of freshwater fishing.

The body material of the reel is CI4+ with a cold-forged aluminium spool. There is also an extra spool that comes with the reel in case you get a nasty underwater snag. The drag is also waterproof to protect the reel.

There is a single machined aluminium handle that is light and smooth, making retrieval easier when paired with the amazing specs of the oscillation this reel provides. Aside from performance, this reel is also cosmetically impressive with a gorgeous matt black finish.

This is a carp reel that will give experienced carp anglers reliable results time after time, and help newcomers to the discipline improve their casting confidence, and get their bait out further, faster.