Enterprise Tackle Niteglow Corn

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Tests have proven that blue and green light is most visible to carp in low light conditions, therefore our new 'Niteglow Corn' is available in both colours and contains a high grade luminous additive giving a glow time of up to 8 hours when fully charged. Ultra violet light is the most efficient light source to charge luminous products so we have also designed a torch specifically for charging our Niteglow bait range and hi- power glow sticks. The torch can be operated by either depressing the button or sliding the switch over to give continuous light. Charge the corn for approximately 15 seconds, holding 1 -2 (25 50mm) away from the torch, slowly rotating it in the beam to ensure all areas are fully charged. After the initial very bright glow, the corn will continue to glow for several hours at a reduced glow. We recommend recharging after 4-5 hours to maintain a good glow level. 

  • Nite glow pop up corn
  • Visible in low light conditions
  • High grade luminous glow
  • Will glow for up to 8 hours
  • Charges best with a UV light
  • Supplied with 8 baits per pack