Korum Leverage Screwpoint Bankstick

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Built to last, these Korum banksticks feature a handwheel to help you secure your sticks in tough, solid ground, making them an ideal choice for summer fishing, when banksides might be dry, and difficult to get a set up established.

Available at 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm, with a durable, heavy duty cam locking system that ensures the bank sticks will hold firm on any terrain. Available in standard and screw design, these banksticks are a versatile addition to any bankside kit, and a must for any angler.

Made from incredibly lightweight aluminium, yet durable enough to stand up to the rigours of the bankside, these banksticks are easy to carry with you, and effortless to set up. Whether you're a stalking angler who wants to have banksticks to hand just in case, or you regularly fish with a full set up, these Korum banksticks will serve you well on any venue.

  • Made from a super-lightweight aluminium
  • Designed / built to last
  • The range includes standard pointed banksticks
  • As well as special Screwpoint designs
  • Come complete with a Bankstick Handwheel
  • Enabling you to twist your banksticks into solid ground with total ease