Nash Indulgence Heated Blanket

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Fitting instantly to Nash sleep systems using elastics and toggles and a fitted elasticated head, they allow you to heat your bed for luxurious warmth even in the most severe conditions.

Powered by any Power Pack with a cigarette lighter output, no longer does your comfort depend entirely on retaining your body warmth through insulation, Heated Blankets actively heat your bed and your body.

Changing wind direction or conditions when fishing under open fronted shelters, or being wet and cold from night time captures, unexpected showers or a pre dawn chill can make anyone struggle to warm back up no matter how good your insulation.

Heated Blankets boost the performance of any compatible sleep system, with even a single layer duvet now becoming an all season option that offers sufficient warmth at the touch of a button to ensure you are comfortable even in sub zero temperatures.

Being so thin and light, Heated Blankets also add virtually zero weight or bulk, so your sleep system can be reduced in layers for significantly smaller packdown dimensions and weight with no compromise in performance.

Heated Blankets are available to fit Indulgence Compact, Standard and Wide Sleep System frames.

  • Mode 1 Timed Heating
Fast warm up and then slowly reducing heat over a 2 hour period before automatically switching off.
  • Mode 2 Rapid Heating
Rapid Heating constantly heats the Blanket at 35 Watts Guide Run time 14 hours*
  • Mode 3 Sleeping Mode High
Sleeping Mode High constantly heats the Blanket at 31 Watts Guide run time 16.5 hours*
  • Mode 4 Sleeping Mode Low
Sleeping Mode Low constantly heats the Blanket at 29 Watts Guide run time 17 hours*

* Using a fully charged 77,580mA/h Power Pack