CC Moore Bloodworm Wafters

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Bloodworm is the bright red aquatic larva of a small midge found around rivers and lake, the blood of which contains haemoglobin allowing it to live in poorly oxygenated water where silt has built up. 

Proving an irresistible, naturally occurring food source for fish, Bloodworm represents the perfect bait option for tempting large pressured carp and other species.   

Bloodworm Wafter Properties:

  • Bloodworm red, hand rolled wafting hookbaits 
  • Pots of 50, 10 x 14mm dumbell hookbaits
  • Hookbaits are glugged in our Liquid Bloodworm Compound
  • High content of soluble attractors; ideal for year-round use
  • Deep, savoury, bloodworm aroma, salty/meaty taste
  • Rich in amino acids derived from bloodworm protein
  • Every pot contains pure, fine blended bloodworm
  • Can be easily trimmed to balance; durable for 18 hours
  • Superb as single hookbaits or for snowman presentations
  • Perfectly compliment any fish or shellfish-based products